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If you are reading this then I know you are curious to find out what you will be getting into when you come on down to the corn maze! What we have to offer is sure to please, we have concessions, and merchandise for those who do not want to journey the maze and we offer a hay ride as something to pass the time while you wait for others to get lost through the maze. We offer two mazes this coming year, one for the kids and one that is a little more challenging for those who have the time and patience to get through it. The mazes both have help flags throughout the maze during the day, which one of us being Jeff, Jacob, or another helping hand to guide you out. We do offer a black out, which is at night and everyone who went seemed to really enjoy it! We will be adding more activities that will be coming soon. I hope this answers any questions you might have and if not go to our contact page and leave us a message or give us a call ! 

corn maze 4.jpg
The Corn Maze!

We hope you try this daunting maze and we will see if your brave enough to get out!

corn maze 7.jpg
Lets go on a Hay Ride

Take a tour of our farm to learn and see what goes into producing the things you eat!

corn maze 9.jpg
Concessions and Merchandise

If you like us represent us, and if your tired and thirsty we got your back  as you go through the maze with drinks and snacks!

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