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Hood  Swamp Corn Maze was started in the Fall of 2017 on the family farm of Ham and Lois Parks. The farm has been in the same family for the past 5 generations. Our family decided to add an event to welcome young and old out to see what goes on an operating farm to help better understand farm life and help pass on  the importance of our family farms.

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Robert (Ham) Parks

                        In Memory

Grandpa Ham was the owner and longtime farmer on Hood Swamp Farms. He was one of the driving forces on the farm and would have been 96 years old September 2nd and had been farming on his own since the age of 21. He was a simple man with a big heart for everyone. He lived by believing " If you are around us you are one of us". 

Our goal is to carry this belief on!

These are the people who got me here and
Jeffrey Parks
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One of the owners of Hood Swamp Farms since 1990 after completing education at North Carolina State University. He is one of the main operators of Hood Swamp Corn Maze and is the one you should contact about any information relating to the corn maze or the farm. 

I wish I could explain to you guys how I
Jacob Parks

Jake graduated from NC State University in 2020. Jake also married a wonderful young lady in April of 2021that we are so happy to have in our family, Brooke.  You may see them from time to time helping out. They are like most modern farmers having to work other jobs as well to make things work. 

Shawn Parks

I am married to Jeff Parks. This coming February will make 30 years! Together we run Hood Swamp Corn Maze. We  have two wonderful sons, John, who lives in Florida, and Jacob, who lives in Goldsboro. At the corn maze I work the concessions and the ticket booth for maze and hayride! I will be the one to answer your questions about prices and more. 

I could not do this without her! ....  Jeff

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